The Company

CoworkBees is the beehive "made in Spain" of the collaborative (= cowork) bees: entrepreneurs, freelancers, start-ups, remote workers, nomads, corporate, coworking spaces... a professional world in constant change!

Our Mission

To network a hyper-solidary and productive bees' community (you!), allowing "cross-pollination" (we are not afraid to use scholarly words, yep!) of places and talents, ideas, tips and best practices!

More importantly, what you will get with CoworkBees is…

  • the simplification of your expertise and spaces searches,

  • the generation of new opportunities,

  • the amplification of skills,

  • the meeting of talents,

  • an effective professional networking and the multiplication of quality contacts,

  • the acceleration of your business or your projects,

  • time savings,

  • a boost of your ambition,

  • fruitful exchanges,

  • stimulation, the proliferation of ideas,

  • the increase in your visibility

All in one in a single app...

Yes, just that!


Or more simply… our mission is to support our community of super bees (still you!) in the development of their business thanks to a reliable and trusted network, allowing to go out of your comfort zone without losing time or energy!

Our Values

Collaboration and community spirit

Inspiration, creativity, and productivity are drawn from interaction, sharing, brainstorming, and debating (provided they are inventive and fertile).


Based on our respective professional experiences and taking into account our own personalities, we had to put mutual assistance, contribution and goodwill at the heart of this network. This is the essence of our community.


This quality is an integral part of CoworkBees for the simple reason that working confidently, with honesty and surrounded by trustworthy people is the key to the so-called "wellbeing at work".


To be eager to learn, always, to question, to accomplish, to aim for a dream are the engines of good successes and achievements, but above all serenity.


Whistling while working, isn’t it the real lever of creativity ?!

Our Motto

Alone we can do so little;

together we can do so much.

— Helen Keller



  • Collaborating,

  • Sharing,

  • Helping each other,

  • Discussing, brainstorming and providing feedback,

  • Giving without necessarily taking,

  • Taking and giving.



Networking does not have to be

  • Daunting for the introvert,

  • Complex for the outgoing,

  • Boring for the extrovert.

Networking should allow cross-pollination of ideas, advices and best practices.

Our Team

A trio of female entrepreneurs whose sole purpose is to facilitate exchanges between key players in a world where "together we are stronger" is the only credo.


Séverine - The Queen Bee

A business and workwoman with a strategic vision, expert and sharp thanks to her 20 years of leadership and management, our queen bee is the heart and soul of CoworkBees.


Delphine - The Guardian Bee

In addition to being our illustrator and project manager, Delphine is the guardian of the hive exercising her critical eye at every moment.


Nathalie - The Builder Bee

Our marketer sets the tone. Building, feeding and retaining bees, this is her daily mission in a booming hive.


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